No Dental Products Without Die And Mold Production

If you don’t know yet, die and mold production is very important for dentistry. In today’s post I want to share some insights with you on how dental materials are being produced and how important this particular manufacturing process is for dentists as well as patients.

Die and Mold

Most dental tools, parts and products are made from plastic. But did you ever ask yourself how these things are being manufactured? Probably not.

The process to create a toothbrush or sterile medical products is called injection molding. In this process plastic granule is being melted and injected into a metal form. After the plastic has cooled down a little bit the product is finished.

Injection molding is also being called DIE and MOLD or plastic molding. It’s a very common production process in the medical industry as well as all other industries that require plastic parts.

The following video shows how this process works:

Just look at your mobile phone, your computer mouse or your pen. All of these items are manufactured this way. If molding wouldn’t exist this would make the work of dentists much harder.

Great video production companies for dentists

I have been a little bit quiet on my blog recently because I was working on the marketing of my own dental office. And one thing that I have learned from working with an awesome marketing consultant as well as digging deeper in the marketing sphere myself is that you need to take advantage of video marketing. If you really want to grow your dental practice in 2014, if you want to get more exposure, attract more patients and most importantly – sell more procedures you definitely want to use professional videos for your marketing.

The reason why video is so popular these days is pretty simple. It’s easy to consume and you can watch a video everywhere today. They can play on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

video production image

But if you want to master video I highly suggest to team up with a professional video creation company.

Video Production Companies


Let me say one very important thing right upfront. Videos don’t have to be expensive, you don’t have to create something like a Hollywood movie, but you want to make a good impression at first sight.

This is the reason why I would always recommend hiring one of these Video Production Companies rather than trying to create the video on your own.

And hiring a professional video production company doesn’t have to be expensive. The company I am working with is called and they offer their services from 499 pounds. I think that a professional video at this rate is affordable for every business owner.

Professional Dental Marketing Advice

Do you own and run a dental office? Do you want or need more patients? Do you want to sell more high-dollar treatments? Do you want to grow your dental business? If any of this is the case then read this post carefully – it’s going to be highly beneficial.

Dental Marketing


It’s no secret that competition among dentists and dental offices is growing significantly. A growing number of dentists is competing for patients everywhere.

This is the reason why most dentists ask themselves how they could grow their dental business and how Dental Marketing works in 2014. To find out just watch the video below…

Of course you can also watch this DENTAL MARKETING Video in HD over at YouTube.

Are you looking for teeth whitening products?

In case you are interested in everything that is related to teeth whitening you are in for a special treat today.

If your patients are like mine you know that teeth whitening is not only a fad but a huge market. I am actually doing pretty well in my dental office with selling tooth bleaching treatments to my patients.

Teeth Whitening Products

You probably know that there are a lot of different teeth WHITENING products available today. I also know that it’s hard to find the right product even if you are a dentist.

Fortunately I have just found a great website which really helps to make a well informed decission on what TEETH WHITENING kits you can trust.

The site is called

great teeth whitening resource

This site gives a great overview of the products that are available on the market and helps you to decide which one is best for you. They even recommend some products without peroxide.

Of course you can also find great TEETH WHITENING strips on

Partnering with Austin Cosmetic Dentistry

Today I am happy to announce my new partnership with a great cosmetic dentist and friend. He is for sure one of the most recognized dentists in Texas and beyond. His Name is Dr. Tony White and he is running a AUSTIN COSMETIC DENTISTRY CLINIC.

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Tony White : Austin Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. White and I have first met on a seminar in New York 2 years ago. Since then a great friendship has developed which now we also want to continue in a dental business partnership.

Tony’s part in the partnership is to provide DENTAL IMPLANTS AUSTIN for our patients from Texas. Furthermore he will be offering TEETH WHITENING AUSTIN in order to help our clientele with getting the perfect smile.

Make sure to pay a visit to: White Cosmetic Dentistry Austin

Introducing the home of the dentist

Dentist Dr. Samantha HarrHello!

My name is Dr. Samantha Harr and I want to welcome you to my websites called: “The Home of the Dentist”.

I am a dentist and oral surgeon for over 15 years now, I am running my own dental clinic in the beautiful city of Monterey, California and also am a passionate blogger.

Being a dentist, what other could I be writing about than things like

general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, veneers, dental implants and stuff like that?

Well this page is supposed to be a quality resource for patients who are looking to get a dental treatment as well as colleagues who are looking to widen their horizon.

Also make sure to watch this video about

And just in case you want to know. Yes, I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry.