No Dental Products Without Die And Mold Production

If you don’t know yet, die and mold production is very important for dentistry. In today’s post I want to share some insights with you on how dental materials are being produced and how important this particular manufacturing process is for dentists as well as patients.

Die and Mold

Most dental tools, parts and products are made from plastic. But did you ever ask yourself how these things are being manufactured? Probably not.

The process to create a toothbrush or sterile medical products is called injection molding. In this process plastic granule is being melted and injected into a metal form. After the plastic has cooled down a little bit the product is finished.

Injection molding is also being called DIE and MOLD or plastic molding. It’s a very common production process in the medical industry as well as all other industries that require plastic parts.

The following video shows how this process works:

Just look at your mobile phone, your computer mouse or your pen. All of these items are manufactured this way. If molding wouldn’t exist this would make the work of dentists much harder.

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